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At Diamond K Builders we don’t just see the stone, steel or concrete of our buildings, we see the
team members who have worked together to create a work of art and bring a vision to life.
We build and share lasting relationships with not only our customers, but our subcontractors who have the same passions for their trade that we do that ensure that each home is a masterpiece.


Bruce Kuykendall, CEO / President of Diamond K Builders has in excess of 30 years experience.  He is not only a General Contractor, but an Engineer and Grading Contractor.  His ability to see your project from a blank canvas to a magnificent finished project is his specialty.  When you enlist Diamond K Builders not only can you rest assured that you are getting a premier product, but you will have the best time seeing it happen. With over three decades in the construction industry, Diamond K Builders has been able to refine its capabilities in cost estimation.  Having the knowledge and experience of seeing a multitude of high end residential and commercial projects from start to finish and bringing them in on budget is what we do.  We will never give you a low or unrealistic estimate to secure a project. 


At Diamond K Builders we make sure your project is done right, comes in on time, on budget, and always to your specifications and satisfaction.  We know that this is your dream, your investment and we have the utmost respect and consideration for that.  With all that your project entails we are right there to walk you through the process insuring that you receive the best possible service, the best prices and at the highest quality.  It's imperative to us that you are working with a partner, Diamond K Builders, that you can trust.  We have a fully established network of relationships with key members of the financial industry, along with all of our subcontractors, whom we consistently have bid our projects to stay competitive with the current market pricing. 

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