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Diamond K builders is a team that wants the building process to be easy, effortless and enjoyable for our clients. We want each client to love the process as much as we do, from the planning stages, loan phase, estimating, dirtwork, designs and selections, to turning on your permanent utilities. We will be there for every step.

We are proud to work with the best for all of our subcontractors. We pick our subs using a 3 deep bidding process. What this means is before we pick a sub we will receive at least 3 bids from different subs to ensure that we work with the highest quality, best value subcontractors we can. While we do have a list of trusted subs that we consider preferred subcontractors, such as DC Stonehouse Construction, we will continue to bid throughout the construction of your home to guarantee that you have the best subs working on your home.


At Diamond K Builders we don’t just build in the center of your ground, we enhance your investment. we pride ourselves on helping you see the beauty we can create each and every step of the way. From making sure your house is at the best angle of the lot to give you the best view from each and every window, to placing your additions such as your barn, garage or BBQ in the most practical location without obstructing the natural beauty that surrounds you.

We can change the skyline through construction and change your view outside your window giving you the most incredible view of the world surrounding you though our custom plans and placement designs. We don’t just build on your ground, we customize your lot for you and we maximize your investment.

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